Where I’ve been

Hi folks

It’s been…nuts here, honestly. I’ve had a lot of schoolwork happening, currently running out of money, working on getting a job, and, most relevantly, working on some ceremonial magick stuff, witchcraft, and a variety of other related occult matters. I felt like I was being pushed this way, to put aside my Satanist identity and practices for a little while, and follow my heart for a while. It took about a month or so but I finally feel like I’m in a comfortable place to come back.

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Toot Your Horn

I’m sure most of us have found ourselves saying “It’s not that big a deal” when talking about a major achievement of ours, or a talent we’ve been working on, just talking down about ourselves. It’s a bad habit and stain on our society when people are expected to talk down about their own achievements and talents, just to be polite. I largely chalk it up to the hold over our culture that Christianity has, where all is thanks to God, rather than just measly humans, who wouldn’t be able to pour a glass of water if it weren’t for God pointing them to the instructions.

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Review: The Satanic Narratives by Damien Ba’al

I’ve read this particular booklet four times now. As I reread it this last time so I could write this review, I made several mostly-unfunny quips about it to my partner. I think one I made really sums up the booklet really well: it’s the fervent Hillary Clinton supporter of Satanic books, i.e. no style, no substance, plenty of gimmicks, and hella arrogant. So, from the start, let me make this clear: this is a really unnecessary booklet and there is nothing of value or substance in its thirty-some pages. I do not recommend it.

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Daily Satanic Ritual

I got a lot of questions from my meditation post, mostly from atheistic Satanists. I really appreciate questions about it, because it means there’s an interest in the matter altogether! I even received some questions from non-Satanists asking for more info, which means to me that meditation is something people want to know more about. While I’m happy to expand on that in a later post, including my own history with meditation, I want to take some time to write for the Satanists in particular, be ye theistic or atheistic.

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Beyond the Tenets

I really love how big Satanism has gotten as a result of the Satanic Temple. However, when anything countercultural becomes bigger like the Satanic Temple has, there’s always folks who join in the counterculture who can’t think outside the box they put themselves in, nor, from my experience, do they care to begin. This, of course, also applies to Satanism.

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Satanic Mantra Meditation

Meditation has been incredibly helpful for me. It helps keep my anxiety and my depression under control, and even helps me get through life in a healthy manner. Before I got into Satanism, I was a Buddhist convert, and through that, I’ve had a few years combined of regular practices of breath meditation and koan meditation. Personally, I got a lot more out of the breath meditation, which generally helped me calm and get everything under control, than koan meditation, which just left me restless.

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